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Supratentorial PNET




Supratentorial PNETs:

  • Comprise 2.5-3% of all childhood brain tumors10
  • Very rare in adults14
  • <10% of PNET are supratentorial14
  • Slight male predominance25



Most supratentorial PNETs arise from:

  • Cerebral hemispheres - frontal, temporal or parietal lobes
  • Pineal region10
  • Less commonly supratentorial PNETs arise in deeper regions:
    • Basal ganglia, diencephalon and corpus collosum6
    • Intraventricular or peri-ventricular epicenter10


The MR scan below (axial T1, post gad) shows a supratentorial PNET arising in the pineal region (P = pineoblastoma) in a 4 year old boy.

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