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Hodgkin Lymphoma





The spleen is involved in about 20 - 30% of cases.

Patients are usually asymptomatic.

The  frequency of splenic involvement depends on the histologic type of Hodgkin Lymphoma.

Spleen is involved in:

  • 15% of lymphocyte predominant
  • 35% of nodular sclerosis
  • 60% of mixed cellularity
  • 80% lymphocyte depleted

The splenic hilar nodes and para-aortic nodes are involved in 50% of Hodgkin lymphoma patients with splenic disease.


In the images below:

  • #1 - nodules of HL involving the spleen
  • #2 - particularly large mediastinal HL mass
  • #3 - normal kidneys
  • #4 - normal liver


Below is the axial CT image showing multiple subtle splenic hypodensities secondary to HL.


Below is the PET/CT (same axial CT image but with the PET data blended in showing that the hypodensities are hypermetabolic).


Below is the coronal blended PET/CT image.



Differential diagnosis of splenomegaly








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