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Hodgkin Lymphoma






These are specific systemic symptoms with important prognostic significance.

Seen in ~one third of cases:

  • Fever > 38.00 C
  • Weight loss (>10% of baseline body weight over past 6 months)
  • Drenching night sweats

Other systemic symptoms may include:

  • Pel-Ebstein Fever (waxing-and-waning course over days to weeks)
  • Anemia or Weakness from Bone Marrow Involvement
  • Pruritis (itching):
    • Seen in 15-25%
    • Usually mild usually associated with advanced disease
    • Commoner in women
    • Generalized
    • Usually resolves when Hodgkin lymphoma is treated
    • Previously characterized as a “B-symptom” but not found to have prognostic significance
  • Alcohol-induced pain at site of involved lymph nodes





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