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Hodgkin Lymphoma



Other Organ Involvement



Summary of Different Organ involvement in Hodgkin Lymphoma:


Type of involvement


(15 - 20% of cases)

Four types of involvement:

  • Contiguous with nodal disease
  • Peribronchovascular disease
  • Subpleural - plaque like pleural involvement
  • Parenchymal - nodular and alveolar


Bone Marrow

(5% of all cases)

  • Tends to involve bone marrow focally


(2% of all cases)

  • Lytic, destructive bone lesion - unusual


(1 - 2% of all cases)

  • Spleen is also usually involved


  • Jaundice is usually due to advanced disease
  • Parenchymal disease
  • Obstruction at porta hepatis by lymph node mass


CNS Paraneoplastic syndromes

(less than I% of cases)

  • Due to autoimmune disorders associated with Hodgkin Lymphoma


(less than 1% of cases)

  • Skin nodules and involvement rare and only seen in advanced disease


  • Paraneoplastic skin rashes (autoimmune disorder) can occur - urticaria and bullous rashes










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