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Optic Pathway Glioma




Management can involve:

Observation alone:

Not all patients with identifiable optic pathway gliomas on imaging ever have visual symptoms (especially if the patient has NF-1).

Spontaneous regression of these tumors has been documented (in patients with and without NF1)2.

In many patients with mild symptoms, observation is recommended because

  • Symptoms are mild and there is no immediate threat to vision.
  • The natural history of disease is most likely very slow (NF1)
  • The patient is young and the aim is to reduce the risk of treatment related morbidity.

In a study looking at the natural history of these tumors, progression of disease was seen on observation in:

  • 70% of patients without NF1
  • 13% of patients with NF1

Flicker visual evoked potentials (F-VEPs) and MRI imaging of the brain can be used to follow patients with optic pathway glioma closely and detect recurrence early3.



Radiation Therapy


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