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Osteogenic Sarcoma



Radiology - Nuclear Medicine

Bone scan

  • Staging
  • Not a good method for evaluating response as resolution is slow.

Below is a bone scan which shows a metastatic deposit in the upper lumbar spine (#1) from OS.


PET Scan

  • Gives very useful staging information.
  • Possible use in response evaluation. Thallium has been used in past for correlation with histologic response but has been largely replace by PET.


Below is a CT/PET scan of a metastatic deposit from OS involving a vertebral body. #1 shows the bright yellow area of increased FDG uptake.

Below is a PET showing transverse, sagittal and coronal (whole body) views of a patient with OS.  The red circle shows where there is avid uptake in the region of the primary tumor.  There is no evidence of distant metastatic disease.




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