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Osteogenic Sarcoma





Osteosarcoma (OS) is a primary malignant bone tumor most likely derived from osteoblast precursor cells.

The defining characteristic is a malignant lesion producing osteoid (immature bone) and OS can occur in an extraskeletal location.

There are 2 peaks of incidence, on at ages 10-25 years and then another at ages 50-70 years.

  • Occurs slightly earlier in girls (possibly related to earlier growth spurt)
  • Accounts for approximately 5% of childhood tumors
  • In the US the annual rate is about 5.6/1000,000 white children <15 years old/ year
  • Represents 60% of malignant bone tumors in the first 2 decades of life


Summary of Incidence of Osteogenic Sarcoma:


Annual incidence in white population aged under 20 years is 5 - 6 per million


Proportion of Pediatric Neoplasms 5%
Proportion of Primary Bone Tumors 60% of primary bone tumors in children
Peak Incidence

10-25 years and 50-70 years


Gender Bias

Slightly higher incidence in males


Racial Bias

Slightly higher incidence in black populations






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