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Ewing Sarcoma




Fertility preservation should be considered and discussed prior to treatment initiation.


Cyclophosphamide and ifosphamide are both associated with a high risk of future infertility - especially in males - but females are also at risk.

Pelvic radiotherapy (RT) is also associated with a very significant risk of infertility. This can be limited by:

  • Shielding testes during RT with metal shielding devices that fit around the testes (significantly reduces scattered RT to testes).
  • Ovaries can be moved or "transposed" as far away from the RT field as possible.


Sperm donation and cryopreservation should be pursued for post-pubertal boys prior to any chemotherapy.


Egg harvesting may be possible for post-pubertal girls (though this technology has been associated with very few successful pregnancies thus far).


Reproductive technology continues to improve and new options for fertility preservation even in pre-pubescent females, including ovary harvesting, are being explored.



Fertility preservation (male)

Fertility preservation (female)














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