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Brain Stem Glioma




Diffuse Infiltrating


The most common type of brain stem glioma

Associated with the worst prognosis

Most arise in pons, causing diffuse enlargement of the pons



  • Short duration
  • Multiple, bilateral cranial nerve deficits (esp. VI and VII)
  • Long tract signs
  • Ataxia


Imaging shows:

  • Diffuse enlargement of the pons
  • Areas of hypodensity throughout the pons
  • Tumor may or may not enhance with contrast agents 
  • MR is the most accurate way to assess the extent of disease and is used to make the diagnosis. These tumors are:
    • Hypointense on T1
    • Hyperintense on T2


  • Very poor


MR image below shows a diffuse brain stem glioma (1) involving the pons.



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