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Pineal Tumors





Germinoma Pathology

The slide below: Germinoma cells with lymphoid aggregates and lymphocytes infiltrating fibrovascular septae (H and E x 100).


The slide below is a higher power of germinoma cells.

  • Germinoma cells have:
    • discrete cell membranes
    • clear cytoplasm
    • vesicular nuclei
    • prominent nucleoli

Mitotic activity is brisk within this tumor (H and E x400).


The slide below: Germinoma cells showing membranous and golgi staining with c-kit protein (c-kit immunohistochemical stain x400).


The slide below: Leukocyte common antigen stain showing staining of lymphocytes in lymphoid aggregates, in fibrovascular septae and scattered within the tumor (LCA immunohistochemical stain x 400).










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