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Bone Marrow Transplant



TBI - Total Body Irradiation



TBI - Total Body Irradiation is a technique which involves treating the entire body with radiation therapy (RT).

The aim is to

  • Kill residual malignant cells
  • Deplete the bone marrow to allow space for engraftment
  • Immunosuppression

The addition of RT to chemotherapy has some advantages:

  • No sparing of “sanctuary sites” - CNS and testes
  • Dose delivered is relatively homogeneous and independent of blood supply.
  • No cross resistance with other agents
  • If there is any compromise of liver/ kidney, the dose distribution is still maintained
  • Dose distribution can be tailored to block sensitive areas.

This technique originally used large single fractions - but this caused significant damage to normal tissues. Now treatment is fractionated (split up into small fractions or amounts of radiotherapy). Treatment is still effective, but far less toxic.







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