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The website was a joint concept of Dr. Karen Goddard and Dr. Paris-Ann Ingledew in 2004.

Dr. Paris-Ann Ingledew and Katherine Berry (Resonance) designed the subject pages and initially published the website in consultation with Dr Goddard in 2005.

Dr. Karen Goddard has been "Editor in Chief" since November 2007 and is a pediatric radiation oncologist based at the British Columbia Cancer Agency and BC Children's Hospital in Vancouver, Canada.

Dr. Karen Goddard is editor of the Basic Oncology, Sarcomas, Wilms Tumor and Neuroblastoma sections.

Dr. Donna Johnston is editor of the Brain Tumor sections.

Dr. Angela Punnett is editor of the Leukemia/lymphoma sections.

Pia DeZorzi is editor of the Basic Oncology and Palliative Care sections.

Dr. Karen Goddard and Shawn Rassekh designed the format for the first two interactive cases.

Belinda Fung designed the format for the third, fourth and fifth interactive cases.


Special thanks go to :

  • Susan Broadbear for her administrative support.
  • Jackelyn Thompson for ongoing help with web design and updating.
  • Cameron Heryet - (Photography/Video Production Multi-Media Services, BC Cancer Agency) for his photographs of the cranes and of Yuder.
  • Peter Sehmer for his help with design.
  • Yuder and his family - who made the beautiful cranes used to decorate this site.


Thanks to Website authors for their contributions :

Editor in Chief
Dr. Karen Goddard

Editor Leukemias & Lymphomas
Dr. Angela Punnett


Editor CNS
Dr. Donna Johnston


Editor Basic Oncology
Pia DeZorci


Editor Radiology

Dr. Daniel Levine


Web site Manager
Danielle Lawless

Web Design by

Major Contributors:

Dr. Zishan Allibhai

Dr. Ziad abu Sharar

Dr. Mason Bond

Dr. Sonia Butterworth

Dr. Allison Chew

Dr. Paul Clarkson

Dr. Geoff Cuvelier

Mike Darud

Pia DeZorzi

Dr. Rebecca Deyell

Dr. David Dix
Dr. Karen Goddard

Dr. Jennifer Goulart
Rebecca Harrison
Dr. Glenda Hendson

Dr. Fuchsia Howard

Dr. Thomas Hess
Dr. Juliette Hukin

Gabe Hung
Dr. Paris Ann Ingledew

Dr. Donna Johnston

Dr. Daniel Levine
Vivian Ma
Dr. Fergall Magee
Carole Marlowe

Dr. Stéphane Paulus

Julia Pritchard

Dr. Angela Punnett

Shawn Rassekh
Dr. Rod Rassekh

Dr. Furqan Shaikh
Praveena Sivapalan

Dr. Brian Skinnider
Carrie-Lynne Swift

Dr. Stephen Yip

Dr. Mark Winstanley


Dr. Sonia Butterworth

Dr. Caroline Chung

Dr. Malcolm Hayes

Dr. Mary McBride
Dr. Deborah McFadden
Dr. Alan Nichol

Dr. Torsten Nielsen

Dr Vivek Patel
Dr. Ken Poskitt
Dr. Brian Toyota

Dr. Eric Webber





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