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The Cranes


The paper cranes decorating this site were all made by Yuder and his family. Yuder is an oncology patient at the BC Children's Hospital.

Here is what his mom wrote about the cranes:

"The idea originated when Yuder saw chains of paper cranes in the play room of the 3B ward at the BC Children’s Hospital. Immediately he remembered a story saying that good luck will be bought upon if a thousand paper cranes were made.  He decided that he wanted to make a thousand paper cranes. At the time, his aunt was in town, and coincidentally taught the family how to make paper cranes. Soon many family members from Taiwan, and California began to help Yuder to reach his goal, all doing it out of hope that Yuder would beat his cancer. Thanks to all the help, a thousand paper cranes were completed soon after. Making paper cranes helped Yuder endure the pains of chemotherapy, as the concentration that was required distracted him and all the other family members. Everybody hopes that the thousand paper cranes can grant Yuder’s wish of beating cancer."






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